First Review from Down Under

Peter's Review from Down Under
Nice meeting you and your friends in Hamburg.
I’m back in Australia and have listened to your album.
Firstly, nice work!
An extremely varied album.
Not what I expected.
Also, excellent production quality.
Musically there’s the „neo“ grooves of Lady Gorilla and Wenn die Nacht kommt.
I especially enjoyed the smooth track, Liberal.
And the upbeat tracks like Was du willst.
Das seltsam blaue Haus was almost ska like, very cool.
Along with the subtle punk edge to Schweinerockdisko.
Enjoyed the reggae flavoured intro of the „avantgarde“ Film Noir.
And the closing „folkish“ track, Je weiter.
Thanks Christoph (and band), no doubt a few more listens will reveal more.
Like I said, congratulations on a solid album crossing numerous genres.
Please see a couple of images attached.
Was good fun meeting the three of you during my visit.
Until next time,
Die Liebe sagt: „Danke!“ („Thank you, Peter!“)